Tiger Truck – 37mpg Pickup Truck

Tiger Champ 37mpg pickup truck

Are you ready for a pickup truck that gets 37mpg? Of course you are, but who wants a tiny little truck you can’t haul real loads with? Right? Well, the Tiger Truck, has a 103″ X 62″ bed, that’s larger than a Chevy Silverado, and it has a load capacity of 3,360 lbs, that’s also more than the Silverado. What’s the catch? The problem is, outside of Oklahoma, you can’t drive on public roads.

The truck is designed by the ChangAn Automobile Group of China. Tiger Truck, of Poteau, Oklahoma, imports about half the parts, by value, needed for assembly and sources the rest in North America. The bodies are welded and painted in Oklahoma, the assembly is completed and upgraded interiors are installed. The truck meets CARB/EPA standards however it does not meet federal safety standards for use on public highways.

Oklahoma governor, Brad Henry, signed a bill to make the truck legal in Oklahoma except on federal highways. Outside of Oklahoma you are limited to off road use and a speed of 25 mph, which means it can still be used on construction sites and college campuses, farms, golf courses, lots of places where there’s work to do and an on-site truck is all that’s needed. The Tiger Champ will not break any speed or horsepower records but in the days of $4 dollar gasoline, it might fill the needs of many users.

Link: Tiger Truck via Automotive News (subscription required)
Photo: Automotive News