Peterbilt Pickup Truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt Pickup Truck

A little while back we wrote about a Dodge Peterbilt pickup conversion. It was pretty impressive. Little did we know at the time that someone else was working on another Peterbilt pickup, this time based on a Ford frame. As impressive as the Dodge based pickup was, this one is a step up. Lynn Mullinax […]

Legacy Classics

Legacy Classic Trucks Dodge Power Wagon

Legacy Classic Trucks Give New Life to Vintage Haulers

When did the line between trucks and cars get blurry? Some years back, trucks not only worked hard, they had a look all their own. Those big rounded fenders and spartan interiors just made you want to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Today, a lot of those hard working vintage trucks […]

Easy record keeping for truck drivers

Lil Big Rig

Lil Kenny set up as a supercharged street rod

Lil Big Rig – Peterbilt and Kenworth Body Kits for Ford F250 Pickups

A few years ago, if you wanted a Peterbilt pickup, you needed a lot of fabrication skills and loads of time. The finished conversions were really popular, but not everyone can take on a project of that magnitude which means Bob Suffern of Nashville, Tennessee is the man you want to see. His company, Lil […]