Roush Propane Conversions for Pickup Trucks

Roush propane conversion for pickup trucksWith all of the talk about natural gas conversions, it’s easy to overlook another conversion that is available right now, propane conversions for pickup trucks. Roush Performance, a builder of well known, high power pickups like the Roush Nitemare, among others, has created both the ROUSH® Liquid Propane Injected F-150, a fully-assembled and government-certified pickup truck and also the ROUSH® Liquid Propane Injection Kit.

The kit has an estimated install time of 8 hours and can be installed on any 2007.5 or 2008 gasoline-powered 5.4 liter, V8. There is no loss of power, torque or towing capacity. One difference between this conversion and bi-fuel natural gas conversions is the truck will be dedicated to propane without the ability to switch between fuels.

The complete conversion kit includes a new fuel tank with multi-valve fuel pump, stainless steel fuel lines, billet aluminum fuel rails, an upgraded custom ROUSH® PCM calibration, and all necessary wiring, hardware and instructions for install.

Jack Roush has come up with an excellent array of fully assembled vehicles and high performance kits with factory level fit, finish and vehicle integration and made them available to everyone. Propane conversions are targeted to fleet owners who will more likely have a fueling station on site. Propane costs at least $1.00 less per gallon than gasoline plus there is a $0.50 per gallon tax credit for using the fuel. The kit has a suggested retail price of $8595.00 so payback could come quickly.

A further advantage to running on propane is a reduction in emissions, 20 percent less nitrous oxide, up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide and fewer particulate emissions.

Fast install, affordable, low emissions, no loss of performance, … what’s not to like? The kits will be available in September.

Link: Roush Performance


  1. bill says

    how about making propane kits (like the one for the ford) for the dodge and chevy trucks? not that many people like fords. your only selling to 1/4 of the truck people that want to convert to propane. 1/4 for chevy, 1/4 for dodge, and 1/4 for any thing foreign. but who cares about the foreigners. lets get kits for the big three! right? i would go out right now and perchase a brand new chevy or dodge truck if the kit were available for them too. i wont buy a ford. i went down that road too many times and the tow bills are more than the truck.