Banks Sidewinder Diesel Truck Speed Record

Gale Banks Sidewinder pickup

After the record run of the Holden pickup for production vehicles, we had to remind you of what a non production but still street driveable pickup can do. Gale Banks took his Dodge Dakota pickup, the Sidewinder, to Bonneville back in 2002. The best thing about it is they drove to Bonneville, that is, they drove the Sidewinder to Bonneville, pulling its own trailer with parts and tires. When they arrived, they swapped the wheels and tires for the special race versions, pointed the truck down the track and proceeded to smash the previous records.

Although the clock malfunctioned on one of the runs, the measured exit speed was 222.139 mph in a street driven diesel pickup! It gets 735 horsepower and 1300 foot pounds of torque from the 5.9 liter diesel and 21.2 miles per gallon. It’s an economy truck, too! They set a number of records in various classes detailed on their web site.

You have to give Gale Banks credit, he builds some of the best performing trucks on the planet. 222mph! Not bad.

Link: Gale Banks Sidewinder