Vapor Fuel Technologies Improves Ford F150 Fuel Mileage 30 Percent

Vapor Fuel TechnologiesVapor Fuel Technologies is developing technology which can dramatically improve fuel mileage by heating both the fuel and incoming air before being introduced into the combustion chamber. Independent verification by California Environmental Engineering (Santa Ana, Calif.), which is certified by both the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, found both a 30 percent increase in mileage while simultaneously decreasing emissions by 30 percent.

Previous work with fuel vaporization has been based on a lean burn condition which can increase oxides of nitrogen, one of the combustion byproducts regulated by current emission law. The system developed by Vapor Fuel Technologies reduces these emissions along with all other components associated with normal exhaust.

The system is planned to be available sometime in 2010, first to fleets and eventually to the public through installing distributors. Approximate cost is expected to be around $900.

VFT has decided to introduce the system in stages based on engine platforms. The first retrofit packages will be for the larger 8 cylinder Trucks and SUVs. We believe this will make the largest immediate impact to the economy concerning gas prices and environmental issues.

This is an extremely interesting technology which could have a substantial impact all around, lowering fuel consumption, lowering emissions and most impressive, making these improvements available to existing vehicles, which could have a dramatic positive impact on resale value.

Vapor Fuel Technologies is also working with OEMs to make this technology available on new vehicles.

Link: EETimes via Next Big Future
Link: Vapor Fuel Technologies