Urban Gorilla 4X4 truck body kits

Urban Gorilla body kitIf you like off road or 4X4 trucks, you should check out the TV show Xtreme4X4. They do excellent projects and fabrication, one of which is their Suburban Gorilla, based on a body kit, the Urban Gorilla, from 4X4Bodies. The Urban Gorilla is a sort of Hummer look alike body, made of structural steel tubing, 14 gauge steel sheet metal with fiberglass doors and quarter panels. It fits on a variety of donor vehicles, mostly standard cab long bed pickups or a Chevy Suburban.

This isn’t something you use on a brand new truck but makes excellent use of an older truck with a body past its prime or a donor truck purchased specifically for the project. Various combinations of engines and transmissions can be used, all sorts of suspension variations and of course, the interior is up to you. Customer photos on their website give an indication of how varied the final product can be.

The necessary skill level and tool requirements are a lot less than you might imagine. They say basic auto shop skills and equipment will do the job in a home garage. Looking through their assembly manual online seems to back up that claim and watching the project on TV does so, as well, though the TV project has a few pricey items and special additions like an Allison 1000 transmission and a twin turbo Gale Banks diesel engine. Right. If your wallet isn’t equipped for that sort of gear, more standard setups will work fine, too.

Don’t sell that old truck, give it new life as the ultimate intimidator. An Urban Gorilla.


  1. Ed Morales says

    I have a 1994 chevy siverado p-up extended cab. I’m looking for a hot rod type fromt clip kit. 40’s willy ect…
    Is it possible?