Ford F350 Peterbilt Pickup Truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

A little while back we wrote about a Dodge Peterbilt pickup conversion. It was pretty impressive. Little did we know at the time that someone else was working on another Peterbilt pickup, this time based on a Ford frame. As impressive as the Dodge based pickup was, this one is a step up.

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Lynn Mullinax of Albertville, Alabama had done all this before, building a Kenworth pickup that he liked a lot. Then one day, someone asked if he would sell it and when Lynn tossed out a number the fellow bought it on the spot. That left an empty parking spot and Lynn without a truck. Since he really liked that pickup he figured, why not do it again? This time he figured a Peterbilt was the way to go so he started looking for parts.

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

It began with a 1996 Ford F350 one ton ambulance frame that had air ride suspension on the rear. I’ll let Lynn jump in here:

I bought a salvage 2002 Freightliner FL60 truck and removed the Cummins 24 V, ISB 5.9 engine and Allison 1000 series automatic transmission, radiator and air to air engine cooler. I fabricated new motor mounts and installed them all in the Ford frame. I took a 1995 Peterbilt cab and completely stripped it down to the bare aluminum. I fabricated a hood using the grill parts from a 379 standard hood. I fabricated the side panels of the hood and used the two top hood panels from a standard 379 hood. I bought a new Ford F350 bed off a new truck that was being changed over to a service bed. I painted the the cab and hood to match the bed. Added what chrome and stainless steel parts I could find and fabricate. The dash has 22 gauges and 19 switches, which are all hooked up and working.

It took him 3 1/2 years to complete the build and though he’s been offered $70,000 for it, Lynn says he’s not selling. Smart man. He says it rides and drives just fine and sure gets its share of looks as he motors down the road.

I really like this project. This is a great example of coming up with an idea and then doing the hard work of making it happen. There’s no shortage of ideas floating around, but we can always use more guys like Lynn Mullinax who actually make those ideas come to life. Great work!

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck

Ford F350 Peterbilt pickup truck


  1. john says

    i have thought about making the same sort of truck.. but wondered what to put it on.. and how long it would take.. real sweet truck you got tho

  2. says

    Wow! I love that truck! Be looking out for another in the next few years, I’ve got an aluminum 471 twin turbo Detroit w/ jakes and 127 mm injectors that’s ready for a rig like that. Awsome job Lynn! I’ll probably be building my own chassis though.

  3. Tom Malesic says

    Great job !!!… do you do fabrication of truck parts ??? can you make me something ??

  4. Harj Dhaliwal says

    Buddy i dont what you were thinkin when you made this truck, but wow is all ihave to say. Your truck is amazing. That is a dream truck for me, your truck is beyond sweet. Well done. I hope that i can one day be able to drive a small rig like that instead of those regular 350z with the big rig pipes. SWEEEET TRUCK MAN

  5. John says

    Lynn – I am a lover of big rigs but this is the very best truck i ever seen :-) really !!! you made famous truck – I wish one time built same like you – amazing work – cool nice very good

  6. says

    Great looking truck man. I drive a big truck for a living and have thought about doing something like that for years. Do you have any links I can read up online about how to get started on my project? The do’s/dont’s ect. and parts? If you have the time. I also am a member of Chevy 73-87 trucks and some guys post their project progress there. Do you have a site like that so we can learn better how to do this? My email is
    Thanks! Good work there.

  7. says

    Excuse my french, one damn good looking truck,makes you want to start a project of your own. I worked for a Pete dealer for 10 years and I know the hood refabrication must have been a challenge.From the pics looks like you shortened the grill surround and refabbed the side panels for the correct look, came out looking great. I’m a big Pete fan and own and drive a Pete now for a living and looking at the pics of your truck sends chills up my spine.Some of my friends tell me I was born with a Pete emblem tattoed on by back side. I’ve been wanting a 1 ton pickup,but wanted something differrent than all the Dodges and Fords running around here in Texas.Looks like I found it.

    Any tips on the hood would be appreciated

  8. James says

    That is a nice truck!

    I am working on mine now, a F700 moving truck with a body change, using F350 crew cab and dually bed, keeping the F700 cowl.

    I will have to shorten the frame and move the axle forward, but hey its my dream.

  9. Chris says

    Alotta hard work had gone into that im sure. Its bad ass, just to me tha body lines dont go together.

  10. David Scandlyn says

    Hi Lynn

    What length is the chassis you used to do this and did you make the bonnet shorter

    thnaks David

  11. james boyle says


  12. Pete says

    My son and I want to build a truck like this. I was wondering if you could tell me how and what all you did to the hood. And how you made the fenders smaller around.

  13. ken says

    love the dash & all, but being a dually owner & lover, it’s kinda hard to get used to seeing that dually bed sitting behind a mini pete. maybe you could get red of the trademark ford body lines and create something one off, you could have a show type creation.

  14. Kevin Gibson says

    Dude, that is one of the coolest trucks I have ever seen. Just wondering though, do you thing it is possible to make a Kenworth W900 out of a Ford Ranger?