Ford F250 Super Chief

Ford F250 Super Chief
Ford unveiled its F250 Super Chief concept truck with a tri-fuel supercharged V10 engine and it is one imposing vehicle. The gasoline, ethanol, hydrogen capable engine can drive this truck for up to 500 miles between fillups. The interior is at an ultimate luxury level and reflects the open view of the Super Chief trains with their observation cars since this F250 has a glass roof divided by a leather wrapped grid.

Along with loads of high technology it also features a blocker beam designed to prevent cars from sliding underneath in the event of a collision.

If you like the big Super Duty Fords, you’ll love this one. Very nice.

source: Ford

Ford F250 Super Chief


  1. Ruth Ann Albright says

    Would gp back to a ford truck, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the super chief…would trade my chevy suburban in and go back to FORD TRUCKS…