Dodge Ram Peterbilt Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram Peterbilt Pickup Truck

In what has to be the ultimate truck body kit, Greg Severt of Jacksonville, Florida took a brand new 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup, removed the original bodywork and then mated the Dodge chassis with a cab and tilt front end from a ’94 Peterbilt plus a bed designed for a ’53 Chevy. Power comes from the original Cummins turbodiesel and it retains the stock four-wheel drive.

As all custom builders know, getting the stance right makes all the difference, so Greg picked up some 20-inch Weld Racing rims and mounted 40X13.50-R20LT Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ tires. He then added a lift kit to clear the new rubber.

The Cummins diesel is stock but a lot of the underhood components had to be moved since the fixed fenderwells were gone. The air conditioning compressor is the stock unit hooked up to the Peterbilt interior components.

The finished truck, though looking like the big rig it replicates, is actually lighter than stock because of the aluminum body. Greg reports 20mpg in normal driving which certainly isn’t bad. Nice work Greg!

Link: DieselPowerMag via Autoblog


  1. Mariana Padilla says

    Loooove the truck….Now this is what I want for Christmas this year….dawn….How much does this baby cost….man i LOOOOVE it when you get tired of it you know who to give it to right….to this wonderful gurl….hehehe….Your a VERY lucky person on havin this baby….

  2. jordan says

    that is a nice truck id say it cost about $200,000 because you would have to look for the bed and find parts to make it fity and every tyhing but i love the truck

  3. Chris Kilga says

    Where did you get the kit to build that truck? Are there any other versions, ie:sleepered petes or w900 kenworths with or with out sleepers?

  4. Ruben orris says

    I am a CDL instrutor and I would like to no were I can find a kit so I can build for my student’s and have for my trade