Diesels versus Hybrids

It looks like the car guys are finally catching on to diesels. Trucks have always had a strong diesel contingent, we all know they go forever, make tons of torque and get better mileage than your basic gasoline engine. When hybrids began getting popular with the car crowd, some of us kept asking, “Why not diesel?” Well, a lot of other folks are asking the same question, finally.

This year, low sulfur diesel will be available everywhere, and combined with all of the new electronics, diesels are smoke free, low emission, quiet and powerful engines. On top of that, we already have diesel mechanics all over the place. Where are you going to take your hybrid when it starts to go wrong?

Diesel engines in cars had a bad start in the U.S. and a lot of people still think of those days when they think of diesels, unfortunately for them, today’s diesels are a totally different breed and they are missing out on one of the best engine options out there when they only think gasoline or hybrid. The extra paid for a diesel is no more than you would pay for the hybrid option, maybe less, and I bet diesels are one helluva lot more durable. It will be interesting to see how the market for diesel grows this year. Maybe the car guys will finally see the light.

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