Tuner 01 Caliper Covers

If you get a great set of wheels for your truck, you don’t want those old crusty brake calipers showing through and ruining the whole image. Tuner 01 has caliper covers in a variety of finishes, carbon fiber and several powder coated colors. You don’t have to upgrade your brake calipers just to make them […]

Michelin X One tire replaces dual tires

Michelin has come up with a wide tire for trucks, big trucks that is, that replaces the normal dual wheel and tire setup. Your 18 wheeler just became a 10 wheeler! The Michelin X One tire is being promoted as a fuel saver because of the weight savings. They can be recapped just like the […]

Pressure Check valve stem caps

When we wrote about saving gas the other day, the first thing we said you should do was to keep your tires properly inflated. Easy advice, but do you really check? You can’t tell by looking at the tire because today’s tires can lose lots of air before you notice and by that time you’ve […]