Truck Companies Agree on Diesel SCR for Emissions

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) appears it will become the leading method to reduce diesel emissions on heavy duty trucks. Before any technology will work, a supporting infrastructure must be in place and unless truck companies agree on which technology will be used, installing the support can be risky. Now, in a major move forward, executives […]

Mahindra Diesel Pickup in 09 – Diesel Hybrid in 2010

Mahindra, the Indian automaker, is planning to introduce a 2.2-liter 4 cylinder diesel pickup in the USA in the summer of 2009. The engine numbers are not yet final but it is expected to produce 150 horsepower and 300 foot pounds of torque for 28 to 35 miles per gallon plus it will have a […]

Toyota Tundra Getting Non Toyota Diesel?

The new Toyota Tundra, going into production next month, may use a diesel built by a company other than Toyota. While the practice of going outside for a diesel engine is standard procedure elsewhere, Cummins building for Dodge and International building for Ford, Toyota has never gone outside their own walls for an engine. With […]