CNG/LPG Ready 2014 Ford F-150 Begins Production

First CNG capable Ford F-150 coming off the assembly line

Ford is getting pretty aggressive in their CNG/LPG vehicle lineup, and by next summer will offer eight different options and the F-150 member of the team is rolling off the line right now. It is equipped with the 3.7-liter V6 with hardened valves, valve seats, pistons and rings so it can run on either natural […]

Roush Propane Conversions for Pickup Trucks

Propane conversion

With all of the talk about natural gas conversions, it’s easy to overlook another conversion that is available right now, propane conversions for pickup trucks. Roush Performance, a builder of well known, high power pickups like the Roush Nitemare, among others, has created both the ROUSH® Liquid Propane Injected F-150, a fully-assembled and government-certified pickup […]