Audi Diesel Powers F100 Concept by Vizualtech

Fatty Ford F100
Computer concept vehicles can be fantastic but they often never stray beyond the monitor. This 1954 Ford F100, is being built in southern California. It was designed by the Swedish design firm Vizualtech run by Bo Zolland that has created computer design concepts for car companies, racing teams and car magazines. A San Diego customer wanted this one built. A 4.2 liter Audi A8 diesel powers the old F100 which looks like no F100 we’ve seen. Wonder if they’ll offer body kits.

Found in Hot Rod magazine


  1. Michael Bates says

    Do you have any more infomation about the F100 Concept by Vizualtech? Exactly who is building it etc.

  2. says

    Is this a kit /or can you send me more infomation about the F100 Concept by
    VIZUALTECH ? — Who is building it ? / If Gmc or Chevy whould use this
    concept and put a 283 v8 @ 300 or 400 hp then that whould be a truck!
    But that’s me —The F100 STS by VIZUALTECH is one of the Best!!!!!!
    I have ever seen /please send me more about it thank you.