APE Wraps – vehicle wraps replace custom paint

Vehicle Wrap by APE WrapsEver notice the elaborate paint jobs on race vehicles and custom trucks? You can only imagine the hours and hours of labor a highly skilled custom painter put into it, laying out the elaborate design and building it up little by little until it was finished, … that’s how they did it right? Maybe, maybe not. It might not be paint, it could be a vehicle wrap, the kind that’s done by APE Wraps.

What’s a vehicle wrap? A vehicle wrap is essentially a large vinyl decal, large enough, in some case, to cover the entire vehicle. A design is composed in a computer graphics program for a specific vehicle, it can be simple or extremely elaborate. Once complete, it is then printed on a high performance vinyl with an adhesive backing. The wrap is applied to the vehicle, a job that can take about a day or so for a full wrap down to as little as a few hours for a partial design. Once applied, it looks just like custom paint and it’s done in hours instead of days.

Vehicle Wrap by APE WrapsThe wrap also uses an adhesive that can be repositioned to make application easier, you can get it exactly right by moving it a bit without damage. There’s also a huge added bonus, the entire wrap can be removed to return the vehicle to original condition, try that with custom paint!

If you have a new vehicle for your business and need high quality graphics, you can have a wrap that displays your company name and logo for several years. Ready for a new truck? Remove the wrap before trade in and your vehicle looks completely stock. How about a trailer? You’ve seen those big custom designs on semi trailers at the races and shows, there’s a good chance it was a wrap. Pretty cool.

Vehicle Wrap by APE WrapsMore benefits: Suppose you get in a fender bender. With custom paint you’ve got a real problem, with a wrap, the design is in the computer and they can print off the damaged section and you look as good as new. They also have partial wraps using a very strong vinyl material to protect from stone chips in off road applications.

APE Wraps have a number of partial designs ready made to order or they can make a custom design just for you. Costs range from a few hundred dollars for a partial to anywhere from $3500 to $5500 for large and elaborate designs. They have a 5 year warranty.

Vehicle wraps are another reason to like what computers have made possible for customizing your truck. These are definitely worth a look.

APE Wraps